MathFIT - Mathematics for IT

Aims and Objectives

The basic aim of MathFIT is

where 'mathematics' and 'computer science' are to be interpreted broadly and to include, for example, statistics and operations research, and information technology and artificial intelligence, respectively; and the basic objective of MathFIT is to provide support for such interactions through the funding of research grants, visiting fellowships, workshops and summer schools.

These interactions might take the form of:

However, it should be noted that:

Of course, this does not necessarily mean new research topics or collaborations, as a new interaction can be built upon existing research or an existing collaboration; but in any such interaction there must be a new 'dimension' not previously present.

The MathFIT initiative is intended to stimulate collaboration between innovative scientists in mathematics and computer science. In addition, it also aims to support the training infrastructure needed to enable high-quality research students to work in these new interdisciplinary areas, and to ensure that the wider community is aware of recent developments and trained in the contemporary scientific and mathematical techniques required to understand and implement them.

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