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Report on the MathFIT Town Meeting

The MathFIT Town Meeting was held on 11 December 1998 at the The Regency Hotel, Queens Gate, London. Sponsored by the EPSRC and the LMS, the aim was to draw attention to the EPSRC/LMS MathFIT initiative which promotes interdisciplinary research between Mathematics and Computer Science, and to seek input from the community as to how to encourage interdisciplinary work and further develop the initiative. Around 60 mathematicians and computer scientists attended.

After an introduction by Professor Ursula Martin, University of St Andrews, for the LMS, and Mrs Anne Farrow, EPSRC Mathematics Programme, and Dr Dominic Semple, EPSRC IT and Computer Science Programme, three lectures were given by distinguished scientists already engaged in interdisciplinary work which has received support from MathFIT.

After lunch the meeting split into three breakout groups, led by Dr Leslie Goldberg, University of Warwick, Dr Andrew Pitts, University of Cambridge and Dr Pavid Pym, Queen Mary Westfield, to address the following questions.

Lively discussions ensued in all three groups and various aspects of the MathFIT strategy and policy were addressed.

Dr Lincoln Wallen then led the wrap up session: "Where do we go from here?", with informal contributions from Dr Alasdair Rose, Dr Dominic Semple and Mrs Anne Farrow from EPSRC.

The main conclusions of the discussion can be summarised as follows.

There was total agreement that MathFIT should continue.

Examples of MathFIT success include the following.

Various suggestions emerged for further developments within the MathFIT framework.

Ursula Martin, 13 April 1999

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