MathFIT/LMS Workshops and
Summer Schools in 2003

Call for Proposals


The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council invites applications for workshops and summer schools proposals for 2002 under the MathFIT (Mathematics for Information Technology) initiative. The initiative is sponsored by the EPSRC and benefits from funding given by the London Mathematical Society (LMS).  It began in the summer of 1996, was subsequently expanded in spring 2000 and will run until 2003. It is hoped that approximately 30K will be allocated to the workshops and summer schools by EPSRC, and another 10K by the LMS.

Aims and Objectives

The basic aim of MathFIT is to develop new interactions between mathematics and computer science, where 'mathematics' and 'computer science' are to be interpreted broadly and to include, for example, statistics and operations research, and information technology and artificial intelligence, respectively. These interactions might take the form of:

However, it should be noted that

Of course, this does not necessarily mean new research topics, as a new interaction can be built upon existing research; but in any such interaction there must be a new 'dimension' not previously present.

The MathFIT initiative is intended to stimulate collaboration between innovative scientists in mathematics and computer science. In addition, it also aims to support the training infrastructure needed to enable high-quality research students to work in these new interdisciplinary areas, and to ensure that the wider community is aware of recent developments and trained in the contemporary scientific and mathematical techniques required to understand and implement them. Consequently, as well as funding workshops and summer schools, MathFIT also supports research grants, networks and visiting fellowships which are funded separately to this call (details of the MathFIT 2002 Call for Proposals can be found here).


In order to be considered for EPSRC MathFIT funding under this call, the aims of MathFIT must be met by any workshop or summer school proposal, irrespective of the merits of the proposal. Consequently, any Case for Support should include a paragraph stating how the proposed research will further the aims of MathFIT. However, a workshop or summer school proposal which does not meet the aims of MathFIT yet is at the interface between mathematics and computer science might qualify for LMS funding only. Proposals for workshops and summer schools will be peer reviewed in conjunction with the Computer Science Committee of the LMS and will be considered in competition for available funding.

How to Apply

A Case for Support should be submitted (taking up not more than six pages). It should be noted that it is EPSRC Council policy only to support EPSRC students, though the LMS may support non-EPSRC students.

The original plus eight copies of the Case for Support should be sent to either:


The Case for Support should arrive no later than 5 pm on Friday 18 October 2002 This deadline will be strictly enforced. Original copies are required for processing and faxed copies will not be accepted. 

Applicants wishing to discuss their proposal prior to submission are welcome to telephone or e-mail the MathFIT Co-ordinator Professor Iain A. Stewart (tel: 0191 374 3920; e-mail: ).

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